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Spark a Debate

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Using boclips in the classroom has been very beneficial in sparking debates and getting students involved in classroom discussions. One activity that I have enjoyed involves the Revolutionary War. We began class by watching the video titled, The Events Leading to the Revolutionary War.

After watching the video, I divided the class into groups of 4 to 5 students. The students discussed within their own group the video that they watched. They were directed to list and discuss the causes of the American Revolution. After generating their lists, they ranked and debated the causes of the American Revolution.

After completing this activity in groups, we debated the top one or two rankings with each group being able to defend their top rankings and why they ranked it in that particular order.

While this is just one example of sparking a debate with video relating to a historical event, consider the current events that could be introduced and debated as well.

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Jason Shelton
Jason Shelton is an 8th grade Social Studies teacher in Greeneville, TN. He coaches wrestling and golf and enjoys fishing in his spare time. Mr. Shelton is a member of the Jason Madison Legacy Project Cohort 3 that traveled through Nashville, Birmingham, and Charleston to visit and learn about different historic sites. Jason loves learning and exploring to bring new knowledge to his students.