5 Ways to Appsmash Flipgrid and boclips

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I am flipping over Flipgrid with boclips! I want to share some of the #flipgridfever and this is a fever you will want to catch. Below are my top 5 ways to appsmash Flipgrid and boclips.

1. 3-2-1 Strategy

Students watch a boclips video, then reflect using a 3-2-1 strategy. Students will write three things they learned, ask two questions, and share one thing they really enjoyed. Using the printable 3-2-1 Strategy worksheet, students will record talking points to share on a Flipgrid.

2. Debate a Topic

Students watch a boclips video or two on a specific topic and gain the helpful knowledge to set up a debate. This can include the pros and cons or compare and contrast around nearly any topic. Whether a historic event or a current event, this Venn Diagram is an easy way to record thoughts and ideas as they view and prepare their debate response on Flipgrid. 

3. Noticing and Wondering

With guidance from a teacher, or during genius hour, students document what they’ve noticed and what they’ve wondered throughout viewing. 

4. Virtual Greeting Card

Find a video collection that honors or shares the accomplishments of a particular field. For example, advancements and accomplishments within the field of engineering, students create a virtual greeting card using Flipgrid for a particular educator or person in the field that has made contributions.

5. 30 Second Video Talk Challenge

Students select their favorite boclips video within a unit of study. They answer the challenge to talk for 30 seconds about the video on Flipgrid.

Flipgrid and boclips make great partners in promoting literacy and speaking. I’d love to hear how you appsmash with Flipgrid and boclips with #boclipsEDU! Need a free boclips account? Sign up today and include APPSMASH with your school name!



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