Introduce a Topic

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Often, when I’m preparing for the start of a new unit or important section, I turn to videos as a means of engaging my students. Videos are a wonderful visual for English Language Learners, they captivate reluctant learners, and they incite the curiosity of all. Many of my students come to school with different backgrounds […]

Learn by Seeing

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There are many diverse learning styles that educators need to reach. It is agreed upon by numerous research studies that 65% of the population consists of visual learners. In a Huffpost article from 2014, it states that video may be the best way to improve learning styles, especially when it comes to remembering key facts […]

boclipsEDU Spark a Debate

Spark a Debate

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Using boclips in the classroom has been very beneficial in sparking debates and getting students involved in classroom discussions. One activity that I have enjoyed involves the Revolutionary War. We began class by watching the video titled, The Events Leading to the Revolutionary War. After watching the video, I divided the class into groups of 4 to […]

Canvas and boclips

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There are Learning Management Systems (LMS) of all shapes and sizes. As a Partner Booster Program participant, we have a special relationship with Canvas. Our curated library of three million video clips provides a resource for instructors using Canvas. Just search by subject, topic, or keyword within the boclips platform and find a video that compliments […]

After Skool, Looking Glass Universe and Blockchain Central now on boclips

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We’re excited to bring you three new YouTube partners: Blockchain Central, Looking Glass Universe and After Skool. These channels cover advanced topics in science, math and technology for high school and university students. Watch them now and find out about the inner workings of today’s world. After Skool explores topics including fitness, motivation, and philosophy and brings you entertaining answers, most of which you won’t hear in […]

National Bullying Prevention Month

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October is National Bullying Prevention Month. A visit to reminds us that bullying can happen in a variety of ways. By definition, bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior; observed or perceived power imbalance; and repetition of behaviors or high likelihood of repetition. According to the Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Education, bullying […]

New on boclips: Thousands of standards aligned videos with Learnzillion

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boclips is always growing and we are very excited to announce our newest content partner, Learnzillion, the curriculum resource trusted by 1 in 3 teachers in the US. Learnzillion brings over three thousand standards aligned videos to boclips, covering the Common Core curriculum for Math and ELA. These mini video lessons created by experts provide crystal clear explanations for simple and more complex concepts, […]

Go Beyond the Classroom With New Documentary Shorts

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Documentary material is perfect for presenting new perspectives and introducing students to people and places that they may never have the opportunity to see otherwise. We are excited to announce two new content partners with beautifully produced factual programs, which we have broken down into bite-sized videos for easy use in the classroom. Limomero Films is a straight-talking, international producer providing documentaries on some of the […]